Hello World

01 Nov 2021 - Lucas N. Ferreira

1    print("Hello World!")

Now that I’ve finished my PhD I finally have time to kickstart projects that were at the back of my head since a long time ago. For example, writting about all the interesting things I started studying in these 6 years in the Computational Media Department of the UC Santa Cruz.

In this blog, I plan to write mainly about topics on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to creative domains such as music composition, generative art, and procedural content generation for games. Particularlly, I want to write a series of tutorials discussing how different AI methods can be applied to these applications. These tutorials will serve as material to a Generative Design course that I’ve taught at UC Santa Cruz in the Summer of 2019. I also want to use this space to share my own research, which currently consists mainly of deep learning approaches to music composition.